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Behind the FORREC brand, there is a team of professionals with over twenty years of experience in the waste treatment technology sector.
Thanks to this significant experience, FORREC can develop projects and build machines that can meet all your solid waste processing needs.

FORREC focuses and develops its commitment in four different segments:

  • Research, design and construction of shredders and grinders for the management of all types of solid waste;
    Research, design and construction of installations specialized in waste transformation;
    Support and maintenance services in order to provide maximum efficiency to ensure customer satisfaction;
    Development of ecological technologies capable of functioning in a completely ecological way.


FORREC was founded in 2007 in Resana. In just a short time, the company gained a group of customers who appreciated the flexibility and attention given to each project.

In December 2011, FORREC moved to the new headquarters in Santa Giustina in Colle with an initial premises of approximately 3,500 m2, to which he later added a warehouse of approximately 2,500 m2, entirely dedicated to spare parts.

The company, with more than 90 employees (2019), has a branch in Serbia that is responsible for a part of the production. The Serbian branch has 50 employees involved in the execution of projects developed and produced at its Italian headquarters.

The development of the sales network and the rapid process of internationalization have given the company both national and international appreciation. In a short time, the collaboration was established with partners from all over the world. FORREC has sales offices in: Brazil, North America, Thailand, Russia, Turkey, Myanmar, Vietnam, Dubai, Morocco, France, Great Britain and the Netherlands

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