Dragonara Grup produced the first feeder for food powders in 2006 continuing to develop and optimize the product over the years, standardizing and improving the components and the control system. However, food powder feeders retain a degree of adaptability to be integrated into existing production lines.

Being designed, produced and installed by us, DRAGONARA food powder feeders are a competitive, adaptable and very versatile product, being able to be configured, modified or extended even for specific customer needs.

This year (2020) we received a feeder request on demand from a customer who wanted to be able to wash the interior, dismantling the material advancing-screws. The material taken over by the feeder is in one cubic meter stainless steel containers with emptying at the bottom. The distance from the container emptying hatch to the ground is 375 mm.

The required flow is up to 2 m3 per hour, variable.

The stop command is given by a level sensor and the start is given by a timer. Confirmation of the container’s presence to the feeder is given by a capacitive sensor. A relatively high flow is given by a set of three screws with variable pitch. Also the construction is made of stainless steel AISI 304.

To allow the disassembly of the three screws, a drive system with a transverse wedge has been provided. The bearings remain in position and the screws can be disassembled for washing. In this way the customer can comply with the standards of the food industry and also can use different types of powders without risking contamination, as he can clean the feeder thoroughly .

The delivery time of the prototype was of 6 weeks from the receipt of the order. The feeder was installed and put into operation by us, Dragonara Grup, directly at the client’s headquarters.


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