DRAGONARA Conveyor Belts

DRAGONARA offers a wide range of conveyors & conveyor belts designed to transport products from one point of work to another;
They can be used to lift up powders, bulk and packaged materials;
They are intended for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, electronics, FMCG industries


Technical details:

  • The belt is made of polyurethane with / without squeegees and has a fixed speed
  • Length / height, width – on request
  • Conveyors with driven or free rollers, metallic or non-metallic, can also be produced
  • Maximum load per linear meter: 50 kg
  • We also proide customized solutions (see variable inclination conveyor)
  • On request, the structure can be made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • On request the load can increase and the belt speed can be continuously variable.