Customized Equipment on Demand

All our products are of own design. Therefore we can adapt the products from existing portfolio according to customer’s specific needs and we can design new products, on demand.


  • A fast-food restaurant located in a basement had a very limited space and the height was quite low. We designed and produced a waste compactor to fit the space and made from two parts easy to transport and install.
  • We designed and produced a special equipment that destroyed the packaging of returned products, separating the packaging from the product inside. It saved the labor of 10 people.
  • For a horizontal packing machine we designed and produced a device that prevented the uneven overlapping sides of a folded packing foil.
  • Together with a client we defined the needs and then we designed and produced a thermoforming machine for cardboard trails. We arranged also for leasing financing.
  • We adapted a mixer by keeping the existing feeder.
  • We designed and produced a belt conveyor for a client that sent the order on December 19 and we delivered it on January 05 (there were only 7 working days).